Something New

Gavin DeGraw had a song that started, “Oh this is the start of something new, don’t you agree?” Story of our lives, huh? You never know where God will take you in life and ministry. We knew things would be different when God called us to Las Vegas. Boy has it been.

I was reminded of this very thing this morning as I walked into a casino to do a bible study. We sat down in the cafe next to the slots, ordered breakfast, and opened God’s word. So it goes in Las Vegas. Here’s the thing though, everything else happens here in the resort/casinos: Bowling, movie theaters, dining, shopping. So why wouldn’t we study the bible there?

It’s exciting to think about how God will use this time of study and prayer! We already had an interesting conversation with the waitress about bibles. Hopefully this can become a place for us to bring in non-believers or new believers, or even seasoned believers to let them have an on-going encounter with God’s word, and therefore with God himself.

Pray for this time with us. Right now we meet at 6:00 am on Thursday mornings at the Santa Fe Station Casino.

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